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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Are your teeth discoloured or stained? Is teeth whitening safe? Come talk to use at Adelaide dentist about teeth whitening and other whitening options.

Is teeth whitening safe? Short answer is yes, but your teeth may become stained or discoloured for many reasons. If you want to make them brighter and whiter you can do this safely. There are many options to choose from. Come visit us for whitening options or you can try home whitening products.

At Adelaide dentist we offer several different options when it comes to whitening your teeth either in the office or at home. Generally, the most effective one that you can use is bleaching your teeth with Carbamide Peroxide. This breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, urea and targets the colour in a chemical reaction. This is a very safe way of whitening your teeth. We offer this at Adelaide Dentist.

In clinical whitening treatment can be highly beneficial because it works very quickly. Also the whitening effects last longer than other methods. Due to hydrogen peroxide this is greater than other product that you can get at home. This is because you can only get hydrogen peroxide from qualified dentists.

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At-home Treatments Through Adelaide Dentist

We also offer teeth whitening options at home. We are able to custom fit trays to fit into your mouth. You will need to add a gel to the tray and wear it for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to see some results. This will have to be repeated for a few weeks to whiten your teeth. ​

Teeth Whitening Products And Other At-Home Options

Is teeth whitening safe? When you purchase over the counter whitening products to help with the stain on your teeth, they do not contain Carbamide peroxide unlike a dental practices. This means that if your teeth are intrinsically discoloured the teeth whitening products you buy over the counter may not work as effectively or may take longer for your teeth to whiten.

This means you can buy products over the counter but they are not as effective as if you came in to Adelaide dentist to get your teeth whitened professionally.

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Teeth Whitening Aide-Effects

A common side effect to teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Some people already suffer from this but there are solutions that can relief this issue by using toothpaste products that specialise in the protection of the teeth. After treatment of teeth whitening the teeth sensitivity does not last for a long stint of time, but if you are still having trouble it would be recommended that you come into Adelaide dentist.

Safe Steps To Whiter Teeth

Is teeth whitening safe? Now for some reassurance. Hydrogen peroxide bleaching products have been around for decades and are used by millions of people. It has been said by many professionals that they have not seen an increase of problems like cavity or tooth fractures. This makes teeth whitening fairly safe besides some teeth sensitivity.

These 4 safety steps will help reduce any risks of problems:


If you are using home treatment kits, look for the ADA seal of approval. You will find this on whitening toothpastes and bleaching products that have been safety tested and effective to use for teeth whitening.


Follow the instructions and listen to your dentist. Some products are designed for being used once a day, while others can be twice a day. Some of these products are used for a week for two. You get the idea, to protect your teeth make sure to follow the product instructions.


Come see us Adelaide dentist if you have any questions about bleaching products that offer staining removal. If your teeth are brown or gray this could be a sign of problems that a bleaching kit can not fix.


Listen to the problem that to teeth may have. Some people develop sensitivity teeth temporary in their gums or teeth when using whiting products. If you are feeling uncomfortable stop the procedure and consider taking a break from the bleaching process. If you are still having issues come in to us and we will give you some advice. Is teeth whitening safe, yes it is if you use it responsibly.

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I had the teeth whitening process done on December 2019 and I was very impressed with the professional service. For my 72 year old teeth I was very impressed with the result. I will be returning for another treatment. Thank you for the professional service.

Macey H


Adelaide Dentist was great, I original came for a check up and I found that I had a broken tooth which was fixed straight away. Thank you for your help.

John M


At Adelaide Dentist I was so impressed with the dentist I saw. I had broken my front tooth in half while eating my lunch and was feeling very self conscious. I was seen that afternoon which I really appreciated.

Anne F


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