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Dental X Ray While Pregnant, this doesn’t stop you from just because you are pregnant. The real fact is we need you to keep up your dental hygiene

Believe it or not but when you are pregnant you are at a higher risk that you will develop tooth decay and other issues. Unfortunately, this is a common  misconception that while you being pregnant this will effect or have harmful effects on your baby. Dental X ray while pregnant is safe their is no need to worry, but if you still feel uneasy about it do not stress your self out. Over 53% of all Australian woman being in this misbelieve. The question should not be is it safe to go to the dentist is should be more harmful on you. Please Dental X ray while Pregnant is fine for you do not worry have a nice day. One of the most common misconceptions is that people visiting that are pregnant will be exposed to the radiation from x ray and be harmed by it. Modern x rays machines have a very low doses of radiation and a single dose is not high enough to cause any harm. 

dental x ray while pregnant
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I had the teeth whitening process done on December 2019 and I was very impressed with the professional service. For my 72 year old teeth I was very impressed with the result. I will be returning for another treatment. Thank you for the professional service.

Macey H


Adelaide Dentist was great, I original came for a check up and I found that I had a broken tooth which was fixed straight away. Thank you for your help.

John M


At Adelaide Dentist I was so impressed with the dentist I saw. I had broken my front tooth in half while eating my lunch and was feeling very self conscious. I was seen that afternoon which I really appreciated.

Anne F


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