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Dentist rates near me at Adelaide dentist we offer all types of payments this include cash, cheque or EFTPOS what every you prefer. It’s up to you.

Some insurance companies attempt to influence there dentist and patients by participating in “preferred provider” scheme. This is a scheme that is designed to provide patients with dentist through an arrangement with their provided health fund. The term “preferred is highly mislead as it does refer to the insurer preference based on the cost of their insurer. Dentist rates near me give you a good concept of what dentists will be offering with their services.


We wish that you are able to see the high standard of service that we offer and meet your standards of dental care. Our aim is to make are patients happy with are service and have no complaints. Dentist rates near me is a good place to start. 


We welcome all new eligible patients who have been approved by the South Australian dental Service to a be eligible to partake in the wonderfull dental schemes. The schemes include the General Dental Scheme which is a wonderful service. We also offer a treatment to those how have been effected by Workcover. We also support those who have Veteran Affairs gold cards. Come in and say hello we are happy to help. 


dentist rates near me
Adelaide Dentist

I had the teeth whitening process done on December 2019 and I was very impressed with the professional service. For my 72 year old teeth I was very impressed with the result. I will be returning for another treatment. Thank you for the professional service.

Macey H


Adelaide Dentist was great, I original came for a check up and I found that I had a broken tooth which was fixed straight away. Thank you for your help.

John M


At Adelaide Dentist I was so impressed with the dentist I saw. I had broken my front tooth in half while eating my lunch and was feeling very self conscious. I was seen that afternoon which I really appreciated.

Anne F


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